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86. Police interviewing behaviors and commercially sexually exploited adolescents' reluctance.
Agnieszka M. Nogalska, Hayden M. Henderson, Scarlet J. Cho, and Thomas D. Lyon


11. Report of the APSAC task force on attachment therapy, reactive attachment disorder, and attachment problems.
Mark Chaffin, Rochelle Hanson, Benjamin E. Saunders, Todd Nichols, Douglas Barnett, Charles Zeanah, Lucy Berliner, Byron Egeland, Elana Newman, Thomas D. Lyon, Elizabeth LeTourneau, and Cindy Miller-Perrin


12. Disclosure of child sexual abuse.
Thomas D. Lyon and Elizabeth C. Ahern


85 . Identifying novel forms of reluctance in commercially sexually exploited adolescents.
Hayden M. Henderson, Scarlet J. Cho, Agnieszka M. Nogalska, and Thomas D. Lyon


83. Imprecision about body mechanics when child witnesses are questioned about sexual abuse.
Colleen Sullivan, Suzanne St. George, Stacia N. Stolzenberg, Shanna Williams, and Thomas D. Lyon

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