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Denying Citizenship.pdf
Emily Ryo and Ian Peacock


72. Identifying liars through automatic decoding of children’s facial expressions.
Kaila C. Bruer, Sarah Zanette, Xiaopan Ding, Thomas D. Lyon, and Kang Lee


69. The role of kinship and siblings in young children’s placement preferences.
Kelli Dickerson, Thomas D. Lyon, and Jodi A. Quas


67. The utility of direct questions in eliciting subjective content from children disclosing sexual abuse.
Stacia N. Stolzenberg, Shanna Williams, Kelly McWilliams, Catherine Liang, and Thomas D. Lyon


65. Adults’ perceptions of children’s referentially ambiguous responses.
Breanne E. Wylie, Thomas D. Lyon, Alison M. O’Connor, Christina Lapytskaia, and Angela D. Evans


It's Tax not Trade (Stupid)
Edward J. McCaffery


Taxing Wealth Seriously
Edward J. McCaffery

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